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Nanjing Yuehang Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (restructured and reorganized from Nanjing Zhongdian Microwave Group Co., Ltd.) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development and production of microwave and millimeter-wave radio frequency components. The main products include RF isolators, circulators, combiners, waveguide coaxial convertors, filters, and microwave components, etc. The product frequency range covers 60MHZ-80GHZ. With the features of small size, large bandwidth, high technical indicators and high reliability, the products are applied to electronic countermeasures, remote sensing, telemetry, radio, radar, spaceborne, carrier-based and other aviation and navigation fields, as well as civilian areas such as simulation, digital microwave communications, mobile communications, radio and television and so on at home and abroad. Our company has established close cooperation with a number of domestic military institutes and large-scale high-tech private enterprises. The products are also exported to the United States, Russia, Vietnam, the Middle East, South Africa and other countries. Our company has gathered senior engineers and an excellent R & D group of experts in the field of microwave, being equipped with advanced HP equipment, the MWO-2006 (microwave office) design software from the United States, and sophisticated product manufacturing processes. The products are in line with ROHS standard. The company also implements the ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System, which is the core of the integrated modern management model. We constantly strengthen efforts in product monitoring, so that our products can achieve system integration, and the excellent features of small size, large bandwidth, and excellent performances, and continue winning customer’s recognition and trust in the market. The company adheres to the service approach of "quality first, customer first, scientific and technological innovation and harmonious development”. It is our goal to improve user satisfaction, and it is our tenet to pursue excellence. We are dedicated to researching, developing and providing the optimal design schemes according to the different needs of customers, continuously providing customers with high-quality products and after-sales service. We sincerely hope that our company will become your reliable and trustworthy partner! Let us make unremitting efforts for the development of China's national defence cause and jointly promote the development of telecommunications!

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