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What are the opportunities and challenges of my country's radio frequency devices in the 5G era

Radio frequency devices are the core of wireless connection, and radio frequency devices are necessary where wireless connection is required. Driven by IoT applications, the number of global wireless connections will increase exponentially in the future. Qualcomm predicts that by 2020, the number of wirelessly connected terminal devices worldwide will exceed 25 billion.

Can you identify the type of product package from the product name

There are certain rules for the naming of any product, and electronic components are no exception. So do the names such as circulators and isolators also have certain rules? Can we get relevant information directly from the name? Let's briefly analyze it below. Similarly, we take the circulator as an example to introduce the naming guidelines.

The function and principle of circulator

The function of the circulator is to transfer the incident wave entering any port into the next port in sequence according to the direction determined by the static bias magnetic field. The circulator is a non-reversible device with several terminals. For example: the signal input from port 1 can only be output from port 2. Similarly, the signal input from port 2 can only be output from port 3, and so on, so it is called a circulator. The outstanding feature of the circulator, also called the isolator

Principle of RF Isolator

The radio frequency isolator is also called a unidirectional device. It is a device that transmits electromagnetic waves in one direction. When the electromagnetic wave is transmitted in the forward direction, it can feed all the power to the load, and produce greater attenuation of the reflected wave from the load. The unidirectional transmission characteristic can be used to isolate the influence of load changes on the signal source. Now take the field-shifting isolator as an example to further describe the working principle of the ferrite radio frequency isolator
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